Cornbread Stuffing

Turkey Week Tips: Cornbread Stuffing!

This is a slightly different take on the normal stuffing that is often served on Thanksgiving Day. We threw in some spicy sausage, cornbread, and craisins to make this stuffing ...

Scotch Shortbread Thins

Holiday Cookies: Scotch Shortbread Thins

This particular cookie is a family favorite! We bought a “Linzer cookie cutter” kit, but you could use two round cookie cutters to make the sandwich, we just like the ...

Peanut butter cup cookies

Holiday Cookies: Peanut Butter Cup

I think that it is finally about time to post my favorite holiday cookie. This one is amazing because it involves Peanut Butter Cups! I am unsure whether or not ...

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Sterling 2011 Vintners Collection Chardonnay

Not a bad wine to go with dinner on a summer night. ...
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2006 Joseph Phelps Insignia

This wine is very, very well done. This is ready for drinking. ...

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Other Reviews

Peppermint patties

Holiday Cookies: Peppermint Patties

We continue on with our Holiday Cookie Marathon! This is another one of my favorite recipes. This particular cookie will impress your friends and family because it seems complicated. However, this one is really simple, fun, and (best of all) tasty. Peppermint Patties Printable Version 2-1/2 cups confectioners sugar, divided 1-1/2 tablespoons light corn syrup […]

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These will be a hit at your next Holiday party!

Holiday Cookies: Amazing (Peanut Butter) Balls

The title of this particular recipe could be a bit misleading. Perhaps we can can come up with something better. However, this is the best we have at this point! It pretty much describes the cookie to perfection, so it works! A couple of years ago we decided to host a holiday party for some […]

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White chocolate chip cherry

Holiday Cookies: White Chocolate Chip Cherry Cookies

The last few months have been extremely hectic, but we are back and better than ever! It has been a while since we made something sweet on this site, so how about some Holiday Cookies! Despite my best attempts, grilling cookies simply does not work. So we are going to have to head to the […]

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Restaurant Review: Lake Park Bistro

Lake Park Bistro is well known within the Milwaukee dining community as one of the best French dining options in the city. With the Bartolotta name, diners head to this restaurant with high expectations. The name is synonymous with service and quality. It certainly lives up to that expectation. On the night we visited the […]

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