Ryan Braun’s Graffitto

A great restaurant in a fun location.

If you chose to have a meal at Ryan Braun’s Graffito in the summer, then I highly recommend you sit on the outdoor patio. Overlooking the Milwaukee River, this is one of the best outdoor spots in the city. It is fun to watch the numerous party boats pass and if you can tolerate the ringing that is associated with every time the drawbridge is opened, you are guaranteed a pleasant experience.

This is another restuaruant that has chosen to take a different look at the Italian Restaurant experience. This is not family style portions and the menu is diverse both in its offerings and in its portion size. This can be the perfect spot for a small plate meal prior to an evening on the town, or a nice sized meal in the company of friends and family.

The small plate menu is extensive with everything from pretzels and cheese to lobster risotto. It is certainly all encompassing and will have something for pretty much every different craving. We tried the Tuna Tartare ($15) as an appetizer and it was phenomenal. It was fresh and perfect for a warmer day. The Calamari ($12) was a little more traditional Italian, but the sauces (Lemonciello Crème Fraiche, and Roasted Red Pepper Coulis) really made the dish. Finally, the Mozzerella was a traditional Italian staple that did not disappoint. It was fried perfectly and satisfied everyone’s craving.

The dinner menu continues the theme of diversity. Diners can order anything from a burger, to  chicken parmesean, to pizza. The best news? It is all made fresh every day. This ensures that no matter what you decide to purchase, it will taste vibrant. We stuck on the more traditional Italian side of things with the Taglitatelle ($16/$21) and the Papardelle ($17). Both dishes were phenomenal and you could tell that they were made fresh.

We also had the classic Chicken Parmesean and it did not disappoint.

The bottom line is that this is a modern and fun spin on authentic Italian food. The comfortable atmosphere, modern feel, and phenomenal food make it spot that you should throw on your list. The pricing is very appropriate for the Third Ward and offers diners a tremendous value for their dollar. The restaurant certainly lives up to the name on its sign.

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