Swig Restaurant

Located on the lively and vibrant Broadway Street in the Third Ward, Swig Restaurant has made a big name for itself using small plates.  Upon entering the cream city brick building, diners are greeted by a warm decor and a friendly atmosphere. During the summer months, Swig opens a handful of tables on the sidewalk and also opens the front windows allowing diners to enjoy the warm weather.

Small plate meals are becoming increasingly popular, but not every restaurant does it quite as well as Swig. In fact, many will indicate that Swig started serving “small plates” earlier than any other restaurant in the city. Indeed they seem to have perfected the set-up as both the service and menu are catered towards smaller plates and faster turn around times. This type of dining is fun and allows diners to try and share a variety of plates. Swig does offer fuller and larger entrees, but small plates are the specialty.

The food is varied, from a Lobster stuffed Poblano Pepper to Sesame Tenderloin Beef Skewers. We also enjoyed the Asiago Spinach and Artichoke dip. Again, all of these come in smaller portions and are great to split amongst a group of people or even with just one other diner.  Our group finished our order with Crab Cakes, Brie, and Black Bean Cakes. All of these were delicious.

The bar area is unique with a fireplace located nearby that is ideal for cold winter evenings. It is a nice atmosphere that is perfect for a drink before or after a meal. The bartenders are friendly and we never felt pressured by the hostess to be seated prior to our meal.

The staff is incredibly friendly and very accommodating. For many diners, the small plate thing is new and different. Upon being seated, the servers quickly explain the small plate concept and offer recommendations for the table. This allows everyone the opportunity to enjoy the unique dining experience. Often times diners will order a second round of small plates after completing their first order, so it is important that these orders get turned around quickly. During our visits, the timing was perfect. We never felt that we had to wait an overly long amount of time, in fact we were surprised at how quickly the food came out after we placed our orders.

In our opinion, the pricing is another positive about Swig. The pricing is moderate, but very reasonable for the quality and quantity of food offered. While some may be skeptical, let us assure you that there is great value in dining at Swig. Even though the concept is small plates, this place can satisfy big appetites with ease.

Swig has found a niche and they are doing small plate dining better than anybody in the city. It is a different serving style, but still a tremendous experience. We highly recommend Swig not only for the food, but for the entire experience.

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