Restaurant Review: Sobelman’s

It had been a while, but a couple of weeks ago I returned to Sobelman’s on St Paul. I used to frequent this establishment and was very pleased to see that it was exactly how I remembered. Friendly staff, cozy feel, and Marquette stuff everywhere. Well, that last part may only appeal to me, but Sobelman’s is one of those places where the building only adds to the experience.

We had a mini reunion scheduled and we decided what better place to start the night than Sobelman’s. A quick beer at the bar with some old friends and we were well on our way.

Over the last few years, a burger battle has taken place in the Brew City. It probably reached its peak intensity in the Food Wars episode featuring Sobelman’s and AJ Bombers. While Sobelman’s did not end up victorious in that episode,  the team at Sobelman’s thinks they have done enough to earn the title. In fact, the website address is The burger feud in Milwaukee has grown over the years and in my opinion that can only help the consumer. If all these places are trying to out do one another, it is great for the burger connoisseur!

We started our most recent visit with some good ole Mozzarella Sticks ($4.50) and Onion Rings ($4.50). A great way to start off a meal of decadence. Both those items were cooked well and were polished off in a hurry. Probably because we all wanted to get to the main reason we had headed back to this place.

The burgers start at $5.00 and go all the way up to $9.00 if you do the Double Sobelman. We did the Californiaburger ($5.50), The Sobelman ($7.25), Baconburger with Cheese ($5.75), and a cheeseburger ($5.25). All of these items were cooked to perfection and served on an awesome butter roll that really makes the burger stand out. The meat was cooked perfectly and the flavor that each one of these burgers exudes is different from other burger spots in town. It truly is a unique dining experience and it is clear that they have found a method that works very well for them.

One of the best parts of the Sobleman’s experience is the Bloody Mary. Perfect for recovery from a long night, or a great way to start off a long day, the bloody mary is almost a meal unto itself. In fact, it is served with a beer chaser that would serve as a menu item itself at some of the other restaurants in town.

The Sobelman’s team has opened a couple other restaurants throughout Milwaukee. There is one located on the Marquette campus and one located on the East Side. All of these places feature the standard Sobelman’s burger so you don’t need to go down into the valley to experience the goodness. However, isn’t part of the fun heading into the old Schlitz Tavern? No matter where your burger allegiance lies, Sobelman’s has been a Milwaukee staple for a long time. A restaurant does not become a staple unless it is doing something right.

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