Restaurant Review: River Lane Inn

Located on the north side of town, the River Lane Inn is probably one of the best spots to get seafood in Milwaukee. The funny thing is that this place does not get a lot of publicity. Well we are here to change that!

It is a very cozy restaurant with nice lighting and a very warm feel. The bar area is beautiful and an enjoyable place to have a drink before or after your meal. We were there on a Friday night just prior to the holidays, so the restaurant was busy, but it never felt overly crowded. Finding a spot at the bar was not a problem. Prior to our meal we had a very nice time just having a cocktail and relaxing from the stress that can (sometimes!) come with the Holiday season.

As an appetizer we had to try the Puff Pastry Wrapped Gulf Shrimp with Mustard Dill Sauce ($10.95) and the Crab Cakes ($9.95). Simply put, the shrimp appetizer may be one of the best in town. It had a nice flaky crust while not overpowering the shrimp. Sometimes when you get into that puff pastry stuff, the pastry overpowers the dish. Not so with the dish, the sauce is the perfect compliment. The crab cake was also a solid addition with a very well prepared Remoulade sauce.

The night we stopped by, Clam Chowder was the Soup du Jour. I think this may be the best Clam Chowder I have had in Milwaukee. It was creamy and very tender. While I do not often talk about soups in these reviews, this Clam Chowder was certainly worth the mention.

For dinner, my favorite is the Cajun Black fish ($27.75). This personally is one of my favorite dishes in town. Served with some rice, it truly feels that you are on the coast. The New Orleans style Jambalaya was also a table favorite. It had Andouille Sausage, Chicken and Rice ($19.95) with just the right amount of kick. Shrimp could be added to this dish for $3.00. For the pasta enthusiasts we tried the Sauteed Gulf Shrimp with Linguine, Asparagus & Roasted Garlic Cream Sauce ($26.75). This Garlic Cream sauce was as good as it sounds. Finally, we had to try a red meat entree, so we ordered the Blackened New York Strip ($35.95). This dish proved that The River Lane Inn can handle both the surf and the turf. It was cooked to perfection and the seasoning added the perfect punch.

After such a large meal, we decided that our desert would be of the drink variety. Irish Coffee finished our evening at The River Lane, however there dessert menu looked incredibly tempting.

The staff is extremely warm and friendly. We were treated very well from the time we arrived throughout our meal. We visited just prior to the holidays so the restaurant was in a very festive spirit and we had a lot of tun. If you live on the north side of town or are looking for a great place to find seafood, The River Lane Inn is a must try. It might be a little bit of a drive from Milwaukee, but you cannot argue with the quality of the food and service offered. Trust us, it is worth the trip.

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One Comment on “Restaurant Review: River Lane Inn”

  1. one iron
    January 26, 2013 at 8:22 pm #

    A bit of a drive from Milwaukee? C’mon. My house is 34 miles from River Lane Inn and I’ve been going there since 1990. Summertime, soft shell crabs, the outdoor dining patio. Brian at the bar, Fran or Candy running the front of the house. Don’t see anything on the menu that lights you up. If they are not too busy tel the wait staff to ask Chef Mike to work his magic. My wife and I have been there on numerous occasion and nothing we had to eat was on either the printed or chalkboard menu. I grew up on the Jersey shore and lived in the Chesapeake Bay region for a time. the soft shell here are the best i have ever had.

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