Restaurant Review: Glass Nickel Pizza Company Brookfield

The other night we decided that the perfect compliment to an evening of March Madness would be some pizza. We decided to order from a place new to all of us. That place ended up being The Glass Nickel Pizza Company in Brookfield.

Due to the fact that none of us wanted to miss any of the games, we went with the delivery option and decided to place our order online. While they do not have the delivery trackers that some of the other national pizza places (Domino’s, Papa Johns) have, they send and email and let you know that the order was received and is on its way for delivery. The delivery time, which can vary, was less than 40 minutes from the placing of the order. Needless to say that on a Friday night, we expected a bit of a wait. So we were quite impressed when the doorbell rang and the pizza showed up early.

We went with some wings and some pizza. The menu is quite extensive, including salads, pastas, fish and shrimp. However, we were in March Madness mode, so pizza and wings were all we ordered. The wings were great. We went with Crispy (12 for $8.25) and standard BBQ sauce, as well as crispy with Hot Buffalo sauce. The chicken wings were larger than some of the other places in town and tasted very fresh. The Buffalo sauce definitely provided a kick.

Overall the pizza was good. It was cooked very well with a nice crispy crust and fresh ingredients. We went with a standard cheese pizza as well as one with sausage, pepperoni, onions, peppers, and olives. I was really impressed with just how fresh the ingredients were. It is easy to tell when some pizza places use old ingredients, however Glass Nickel definitely impressed our group.

The thing that was most surprising to me was the price. It seemed very expensive. Large pizzas (16″) start in the fourteen dollar range and go up from there. A small pizza (10″) starts at $7.95. While that may not seem like a lot, if you custom build a pizza, they charge $1.25/topping for a small and $2.25/topping for a large. The point being, it can add up quickly. They do have a number of coupon offers on their website, so if you do a little bit of work or order in larger quantities, usually you can find some sort of discount. Trust me, you get a good pizza for the money, but it will be more costly than some of your pizza alternatives.

Overall, I will definitely order again from Glass Nickel, but only when I have a discount or coupon. It is good pizza and worthy of a special occasion, just be prepared to pay a little more than normal.

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