Recently we had dinner at Potowatomi Bingo and Casino prior to a show. It was midweek and the crowds were relatively light. We decided to try RuYi.

The Restaurant is branded as Authentic Asian Cuisine. It is located on the first level near the escalators. In all honesty, it took us a while to find the place, but that is the point of a casino right? We felt like we walked in circles before finally making it to the restaurant.

I was impressed by the decor. It feels like a nice restaurant and the casino does not interfere with the experience. It is separated enough that you don’t notice the bells and noises from the slot machines and it is actually a very relaxing environment.

There is a nice sized bar and the restaurant has an open concept feel. You can actually look into the kitchen if seated at the bar.

We had the Spring Rolls as an appetizer. My only disappointment was that it took about 25 minutes to receive two spring rolls. Given the fact that we were about to go see a show, timing was somewhat important. The restaurant was pretty much empty, so the amount of time it took to prepare what was ultimately a very simple dish was surprising. The dish was simple and fresh. We were curious about the sauces that were sitting on the table, however the server never introduced those to us, so we simply tried a bit of each.

For dinner, we tried the General Tso’s Chicken and the Kung Pao Chicken. Both dishes were great. The quality of food was tremendous and they tasted very fresh. The timing was much quicker for these dishes, they arrived about five minutes after our appetizer.

Overall, this is a nice restaurant. I am not sure I would recommend going to Potowatomi just to eat at this establishment, but it is the perfect spot for a pre show meal or a dinner if you are already having some fun at the tables.

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